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In the service of Ukraine.
Join the mission. 

We're a Ukrainian-American team that believes in the power of everyday people to achieve incredible humanitarian outcomes.

Our team is on the ground responding to the needs of refugees, internally displaced persons, and civilians under siege.

Mark Kreynovich & Dillon Carroll

Co-Founders, Mission For Ukraine Foundation

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Remember us as M2U? MissionTo?
Learn about our name change here

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Get to Know Us

When Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022, the news was personal for Dillon Carroll, a 24-year-old Ridgewood resident whose best friend, Mark Kreynovich, was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The two met when they were roommates at Cornell University and have remained close... 

Mission For Ukraine serves local communities in need and delivers critical supplies to the hottest regions in Ukraine through our extensive network.

Repairing Homes

Replacing windows and insulating homes for returning refugees


Supporting Daily Life

Supporting the purchase and delivery of essential supplies


Equipping Medics

Delivering medicine, devices, and even mobile hospitals

John Pepper
Former Chairman and CEO of Procter & Gamble and the Walt Disney Company

Mark and Dillon, you are making a life-saving difference for countless women, men, and children in a moment of dire need. We will continue to support your efforts and hope many others will see fit to join you with whatever financial support they can afford. Lives depend on it.

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Explore our nationwide relief operations

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