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About Us

On the ground, humanitarian aid team est. March 2022 

We procure and deliver critical supplies alongside a curated network of partners throughout Ukraine 

We commemorated the anniversary of our humanitarian efforts with the Webinar below. You may have known us as Mission To Ukraine ("M2U") or Some of you may even remember simply a nameless duo that would Instagram live from the places we were helping.

The outpouring of support we have received from different people across the world reinforced our belief that most people want to help others. Moreover, it inspired us to stay for the long haul, and keep helping the people we meet.

We've freshened up our look and are eager to do even more in this next phase of our mission. 


Our story

We couldn't sit still when the full-scale invasion of Ukraine started on February 24, 2022. Startled and hellbent on helping as much as we could, we booked a same-day ticket and arrived at the Ukrainian-Polish border to assist refugees fleeing the country. One week of housing families and filling their fridges with groceries has evolved into over a year of aid work.

Who we are

We met as first-year roommates at Cornell University. We quickly became friends and discovered that we even shared the same birthday. After graduating from college, Mark pursued a career on Wall Street and Dillon in technology consulting. Our shared commitment to democratic ideals, human rights, and justice propelled us to act. 
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Strategic Vision

We're a Ukrainian-American team bolstering close relationships between the people of both countries. By working directly on the ground and leveraging the team's unique linguistic, cultural, and operational strengths, we enable Americans to play a truly significant and personal role in the humanitarian response to the invasion of Ukraine. 

Founding Team


Mark Kreynovich

Co-Founder, Executive Director

Dillon Carroll_Headshot.jpeg

Dillon Carroll

Co-Founder, President

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